Dani američkog dizajna

Objavljeno: 13.05.2008.

Dvodnevni seminar u Ljubljani. Predavači: Carin Goldberg, James Biber i Gail Anderson. Vrijeme održavanja: 20. i 21. svibnja 2008.

'Dani američkog dizajna' Emzinov je seminar u kojem sudjeluju Carin Goldberg (Carin Goldberg Design), James Biber (Pentagram) and Gail Anderson (SpotCo).

Mjesto održavanja: Garni Hotel, Miklošičeva 9, Ljubljana
Vrijeme održavanja: 20. i 21. svibnja 2008. (9.15 - 16.30h)
Kotizacija: 320 eura, za studente 110 eura (+ 20% poreza)
Prijave: Emzin, Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana; tel.: +386 1 430 35 44, mob.: +386 31 685 067, fax: +386 1 430 35 40, e-mail: emzin@guest.arnes.si.

Predavanja  su na engleskom jeziku, bez simultanog prijevoda.

Napomena: Organizator je pripremio posebnu ponudu za studentske grupe veće od 10 sudionika (pogledati dokument u prilogu). Studenti koji su zainteresirani mogu se javiti na adresu tajnistvo@dizajn.hr zbog formiranja grupe. Na grupnu prijavu ostalih zainteresiranih vrijedi popust od 15 % popust (minimalno 5 prijavljenih osoba). Pojedinačni zaintreresirani se također mogu javiti zbog formiranja grupe na adresu tajnistvo@dizajn.hr.

Sažetak seminara:

On the first day of the seminar, Tuesday, 20th May 2008, Carin Goldberg will talk about her influences ––family, friends, teachers, mentors, neighbors, designers, colleagues, students, artists... photographers, illustrators, her home, New York City, politics, symbols, music, movies, magazines, books, records ––how they have all inspired her view of the world, and how they have moved her to create something new. In the second part she will talk about the obsessive-compulsive side of design and how she gets lost in the process. She will share her explorations for recent projects including a magazine for Gallup and the design of an identity for the New York restaurant City Bakery’s first annual Hot Chocolate Festival, and talk about how the journey of an idea can be as fulfilling as the final result
Using cinema as his inspiration, in the afternoon, James Biber will share the eleven most important things he has learned about design. He will also survey the history of Pentagram; talk about projects, old and new, including his designs for some of the best-loved restaurants in Manhattan; the challenge of putting rock ‘n’ roll and motorcycles in museums; and the design of a luxury home on the Atlantic Ocean.

On the second day of the seminar, Wednesday, 21st May 2008, James Biber will discuss experiences as varied as revisiting mid-century modernism in the 21st century for a private home; riding a motorcycle across the U.S. for the Harley-Davidson Museum; and restoring the luster of a movie-star home from Hollywood’s Golden Age; among others.
Later on, Gail Anderson will talk about the life on the Great White Way; what it's like to design for Broadway, New York's theater mecca. Learn about her transition from the world of magazine design to working in an advertising agency. Switching specialties long after you've established yourself is not for the feint of heart, but listen to the story of one who has successfully made the transition--so far.
After the break, Gail Anderson will talk about teaching graphic design to the talented, the curious and the bored. Listen to tall tales and see examples of student typography videos and high school workshop projects, and listen to her rant about cell phones in the classroom. Discover the world of design education, and learn about advanced degrees in our field, and why they matter more and more. Explore the world of working on design books, and how the process has helped keep her work fresh in the classroom, even though each one is like giving birth.

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