Znak za zaštitu nematerijalne kulturne baštine

Objavljeno: 25.11.2007.

UNESCO je raspisao natječaj za dizajn znaka koji bi najbolje odražavao duh Konvencije za zaštitu nematerijalne kulturne baštine. Rok: 15. veljače 2008.

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UNESCO organizes an international competition for the creation of an emblem for the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage that best reflects the purpose and spirit of the Convention.

Intangible cultural heritage – or living heritage – is the mainspring of our cultural diversity and its maintenance a guarantee for continuing creativity.

The Convention focuses on living expressions that are important for the sense of identity and continuity of the communities in which they are created, transmitted and recreated. Such expressions include oral traditions; traditional dance, music and theatre; traditional knowledge about nature; festive events and social traditions; and knowledge and skills of handicrafts; among others.
The Convention seeks to safeguard that heritage, ensure it is respected, raise awareness of its importance and encourage its appreciation. To safeguard living heritage means to ensure its viability: to encourage its ongoing transmission, promote its continuing creation and recreation, and strengthen its role in the communities and groups concerned. The Convention considers all expressions and traditions that are recognized as important by their community to be equally valuable, with no hierarchical distinctions among them.
For further information on the Convention and the intangible cultural heritage, candidates are encouraged to consult its website: http://www.unesco.org/culture/ich.

The Intergovernmental Committee decided that the Convention needs an emblem to give greater visibility to intangible heritage and its safeguarding. This emblem will be chosen by means of an open international competition, overseen by a special subsidiary body set up by the Committee.

The members of that body are: Algeria, Bolivia, Bulgaria, France, India and Nigeria, with Mr Chérif Khaznadar of France serving as Chairperson and Mr Eduardo Barrios of Bolivia serving as Rapporteur.

UNESCO invites entries from professional and amateur graphic designers, artists, and practitioners of intangible cultural heritage from all its Member States. Each participant may submit a single design, including a black and white and a colour version.
Proposed emblems must be accompanied by this downloadable submission form, and submitted in the formats specified in the Rules and Procedures.

The deadline for submissions to reach UNESCO is 15 February 2008.

At its third session in Istanbul, the Committee will select the winning design and award it with a prize of US $15,000. This will then serve as the Convention’s official emblem.

For further information, please write to ich-emblem@unesco.org.

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Intangible Cultural Heritage Section (Emblem Competition)
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