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Europe 2020

Boris Ljubičić


Pokrenuo sam projekt EUROPE 2020
Europe is the cradle of Western civilization and it, as such, fostered the development of civilization in other parts of the world over the centuries. Its form is not homogeneous, neither is its identity. It does not have a single currency and many of its other features are also very diverse. Europe has its North and South, its East and West. Western European politicians try hard to unite Europe, while Eastern European politicians do their best to bring their countries closer to the European Union. There are two main criteria on the basis of which the ultimate unification of Europe should be 'measured': time and the vision of what we wish Europe to be like in the future. Experience and numerous events that occurred in the past (particularly in the twentieth century) were by no means positive. Design is a new cultural, civilizational and economic achievement oriented towards the future, rather than the past. Europe needs visions of its future and its designers can and should provide such visions. Therefore, let this exhibition be a stimulus for a project aimed at the creation of a vision of Europe in the future, that is, a project in which EVERYBODY (from Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern Europe) can participate. The amount of ideas and the competition among them will open new horizons and offer, perhaps, a glimpse into the visions which have been unknown so far. The twenty-first century is a challenge for the entire world, particularly for Europe, because it is Europe that is still being constituted. The shaping of Europe is designers' job in the widest sense of the word which is so frequently and extensively used, that is, of the medium which constantly changes the world. The large number of participants in this first competition, as well as the high quality of their work prove that design can be a 'synthesis of our continent.'

1/ Identity/Integrity, Wellcom to the Europe
2/ TWOONE / jedna Europa
3 / Simbol and new flag
4/ Euroline
5/ Europe on the bull
6/ Forget the XXth Century
7/ Zaokružimo E prekrižimo U, „To be or...
8/ Sign...
9/ Design...
10/ Redesign

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